ELITE IPL Hair Removal Machine

ELITE – New IPL Hair Removal System by EvoDerma.

elite evoderma hair removal Yet another impressive product from evoDerma which is going to make you go all gaga over it. Unwanted hair are a huge mess and just spoils your self-esteem; and you just want to go all Hulk over it and pluck the whole thing out. But please don’t hurt yourself in the process, there is a safer solution. The new product, ELITE, is designed keeping your convenience in mind. All those trips to the beauty salon not just drills a hole in your purse but leaves your skin screaming as well; and all of that just to see all of those unwelcome hairs back again after a few weeks. Bummer. So here is an enticing solution brought to you by evoDerma which can get rid of those annoying hairs in the comfort of your own home.
What is ELITE? It is an advanced IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) hair removal system. It features the most advanced IPL technology i.e. AMP-Advanced Multi Pulse, which is more efficient and also quicker. It is more comprehensive while aiming at the hair yet really gentle on your skin. It is suitable for both the genders and can be easily utilized at any time and at any place.





elite ipl hair removal machine

Have a look at the features this product boasts of:

– It is absolutely durable and robust.
– It is completely safe to use on your skin.
– It is a unisex device.
– It uses the most recent IPL technology, which is AMD.
– It is compact, lightweight and effortless to carry anywhere.
– The Lamp Cartridge of the device consists of about 10,000-50,000 pulses of light which varies according to the level of intensity required for you.
– You can easily save lots of time because there are no interruptions in between the treatment owing to changing the Lamp Cartridge. The Lamp Cartridge has enough to last two to eight complete body treatments and you don’t even have to fret over getting a new replacement for a long period of time.
– It is extremely simple to operate. You just need to switch it on using the power cable after taking it off from its base unit. There is no prior charging period required to operate the kit
Its noiseless operation enables you to work peacefully.
– It is efficient considering it covers a larger surface of the skin at a time yet there is no hassle to cover hard-to-reach skin areas as well.
– Your safety is assured and if something goes wrong with your ELITE device, the red head LED indicators will come on and the User Manual will guide you as to how to proceed further
– It guarantees permanent hair reduction which is pleasantly gratifying.


ELITE IPL Hair Removal Machine Review:

EvoDerma Inc. endeavors to deliver progressive skin care and hair removal products that you can use on your own according to your own convenience. EvoDerma’s leading products such as the ELITE is a strong testimony regarding the company’s dedication to achieve the high standards concerning safety, efficiency and quality. So, go get your ELITE device right away and bade goodbye to unpleasant hairy days!

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