Best Hair Removal Methods

Hair Removal Consumer Reports

Best Hair Removal Methods

There are various types of hair removal procedures that are used by people today. Some can be done at home while others are done in beauty clinics by trained professionals. While commercial hair removal services might claim that their own respective techniques produce the best results, we need to go through hair removal consumer reports to get the true picture.


Laser Hair Removal Consumer Reports

laser hair removal at home


Lasers have been used effectively for the purpose of hair removal. Earlier, laser treatment was available only in spas and beauty clinics because it needed expensive equipment and trained personnel to handle the equipment. But now, laser hair removal can be done even at home due to the availability of easy to use laser-based hair removal products.

One of the most effective and popular products is the TRIA hair removal laser. This FDA-cleared product is safe and effective and can be used at home. People begin to see reduced hair growth on their body within 90 days. Regular use of the laser enables a person to be hair-free within a span of 6 months.

According to laser hair removal consumer reports from a particular study, almost 45% of the people said they were satisfied with the results they could achieve with this product. Another 25% of the participants in the study reported that they were very satisfied with the results they saw. Finally, 17% of the participants said they were extremely satisfied with the product’s results.

laser hair removal for men


Home Permanent Hair Removal Consumer Reports

Most people have favored home hair removal treatments as an effective and cheaper alternative for clinic and spa salon treatments. They felt that the convenience of doing the procedure at home, combined with the advantage of reduced cost made these treatments very attractive.


Epila Laser Hair Removal Consumer Reports

epila hair removal


The Epila laser hair removal system is another product that is quite popular. However, many people have reported that the product takes a lot of time to effectively remove hair. Some have stated that the laser is a little weak, requiring longer treatment periods, which sometimes does damage to the skin. A few people seem to have had good results with the Epila laser hair removal product.

hair removal epila


IPL Hair Removal Consumer Reports

ipl hair removal at home

IPL or Intense Pulse Light hair removal is another very popular hair removal method used these days. This is normally done in a beauty clinic by trained professionals, but the biggest advantage of IPL Hair Removal, that you can use it at home for permanent hair removal, saving your money and time! (You can easily buy IPL Hair Removal devices online).   Unlike regular lasers, IPL is milder on the skin as the light is activated in pulses. IPL Hair Removal method are less traumatic and more gentle on the skin. Most people feel that IPL hair removal produces awesome results! It is one of the best hair removal methods available in the beauty industry today.


It is wise to go through a number of hair removal consumer reports before deciding on the kind of treatment that is suitable for one’s specific requirement.

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